My name is Kayley Miller, I met Eddy when I was in middle school I was about 12 and I had experienced bullying my whole life because of my disability which

makes me short and in middle school is when my life took a very pivotal moment and I turned into the bully because I was tired of feeling that way so

I thought if I was a bully and no one would mess with me and that’s how it was for a long time until I met Eddy ,

He came to the school to talk about bullying and all the kids were just laughing and making a big joke about it because they didn’t understand his disability and they didn’t understand why someone could look like that or whatever they thought but

I looked at him and I immediately just knew I needed to change because kids are mean kids are so so mean when we are little because we aren’t taught or we follow with the crowd or just trying to fit in,and I just sat there and listened to eddy and

I just realized I needed to be a better person not only for myself but for others because you never know what’s going on with anyone, you don’t know what’s happening in their lives that day and you just say no mean thing that could ruin them forever,

so after I met eddy and talked with him for a little I just realized I needed to be better and I needed to look at others as if they were me or my brother or my sister because

I needed to care about them even if I didn’t know them because being nice and being a friend goes way father then being mean or trying to be cool in front of people, and

I know it sounds so easy to just be nice, but it takes real work, you just need to wake up everyday and just say I will love and care for anyone that comes in my path today because that’s what is right, and being nice can change someone’s day right there and

make them want to do good thing for others as well, it goes the same way for being mean that can affect that person all day and make them mad at others for no reason, and I’m really glad that eddy came into my school and was so open about his life and

so open about things, and when I gave him a hug I just knew my life would change but for the better because he knew that being nice and just being happy is that best way to life and to have a productive and healthy life.

This man has got things figured out and he definitely needs to be back at school talking with kids, because again kids are mean, unless taught otherwise and I just am so grateful for being able to meet him when I did because it truly helped make me a better person