‘If you’re looking for someone with your eyes, you will run from someone like me.
But if you are looking for someone with your heart you’ll discover that I am someone you could love.”
Eddy Newton

Eddy’s Story

Eddy was born Edward Albert Newton III, in Loma Linda, California. At the early age of three, Eddy was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis, more commonly known as Elephant Man’s disease. The doctors said he wouldn’t live past eight, but Eddy has defied the odds. Eddy has endured scores of surgeries to remove painful life-threatening tumors, including a 14 ½ hour surgery where Eddy had a 7 ½ tumor removed from his neck and lost his right ear.

Later in life Eddy suffered with self-esteem issues, like so many young adults.  At a low point, Eddy even joined a traveling circus as a sideshow freak. He was known as The Man with Two Faces. When he wasn’t on stage, Eddy had to wear a hood covering his distinct looking face, so no one could get a “free look.”

Today, Eddy uses his life story and his single unique appearance to help children and teens cope with self-esteem issues and combat the terrifying bullying epidemic in our schools.

If you’re looking for someone with your eyes, you’ll run from someone like me. But if you’re looking for someone with your heart, you’ll discover that I am someone you could love.” Eddy Newton.


We know this is a difficult time for many people due to the Covid 19 virus. We wanted to give you an update on our project for Eddy and his mother, Emilee. Phase one of our project was to replace Eddy and Emilee’s mobile home that was dilapidated and completely uninhabitable. Can you imagine having to live this way when you are completely unable to work and have no income other than a small stipend from SSDI? The floor had holes, the roof had leaks and there had been 3 fires in the mobile home.

Phase one has been completed by raising a little over $60,000, securing a home at cost, and a generous donation from the Mobile Home Institute of California.   And we wouldn’t have reached this goal without all of you and your generosity!  Now, the mobile home management company is really pushing Eddy and Emilee to get the landscaping done which is a duty under the park rules.  We are already many months past the time given to complete this landscaping and we fear that we will run out of grace with the management company.  Eddy and Emilee could soon be fined for not having this job completed.

This brings us to phase two.   We have received some very generous donations and price reductions of plants, pavers and turf but we need help to complete this phase.  But we are in the hole financially to get this done.  Please consider helping us to push our way to the end of this phase.  We are almost there!  Here is how the home and property looks now.

Eddy has to endure yet another painful and risky surgery to remove a tumor in his throat that is causing him difficulty to eat and to breathe. He and his mother need your help. Eddy’s doctors have scheduled him for surgery to attempt to remove this large tumor that is restricting his breathing. This is a very dangerous surgery because the tumor has many fibrous “tentacles” reaching throughout his neck, which must be removed with the main body of the tumor. When the doctors attempted to remove the tumor during Eddy’s last surgery, they were forced to abort the operation due to uncontrollable bleeding. This time they will use two surgeons to deal with the bleeding. Please keep Eddy in your prayers. Please also pray for Emilee as she prepares for surgery to have tumors removed from her face and neck.

We don’t have far to go. We are hoping for an angel donor or for many small donations that will help us get to the end.

Eddy Unmasked is now a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization. Please Click Button Below to Donate. Thank You!